Andrew Murray: Destined to Wait (Book 3 in ‘Destined’ series) by Olea Nel

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Hankering to go, but needing to stay

Twenty-eight year old Andrew Murray has just married Emma Rutherfoord, the girl of his dreams, and is looking forward to resuming his ministry in Bloemfontein with her at his side. But he is barely back in town, when trouble strikes. The small, land-locked Orange Free State throws up a series of nail biting situations in which Andrew is called upon to play a central role. They include:

  • The attempted take-over of the Orange Free State by Marthinus Pretorius, President of the Transvaal
  • The devastation of Beersheba Mission by a Boer Commando during the Basuto War
  • The secession of Psalm-singing (Dopper) members within his own congregation
  • Antagonism towards his bilingual education program at Grey College
  • The need to acquire Dutch teachers for his farm school project

Between dealing with all the tensions outside the home, there is also the small matter of Andrew only knowing his wife Emma for about seven face-to-face weeks before he married her. So on the home front, Andrew finds himself having to navigate marriage with a wonderfully talented wife, but one who knows her own mind.

Added to this is his growing desire to start over again in a new congregation. But although he hankers to go, there are responsibilities forcing him to stay, that is, until God has finished with his training.


Olea Nel was born in Cape Town, South Africa. After completing her training as a teacher in Andrew Murray's heartland of Wellington, she relocated to Australia to further her studies. Besides attaining a Ph.D. in Linguistics, she also has qualifications in Information Studies and Theology. She has taught at several tertiary institutions in Australia. Having retired from her secular position as a senior librarian at the National Library of Australia, she is able to pursue her passion for research, especially within the fields of church history and biography. Her aim is to serve God by sharing her findings with other Christians. She is presently writing the third novel in her four-book series on the life of Andrew Murray.


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