Close Encounters of the Divine Kind by Che Ahn


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About Close Encounters of the Divine Kind

Do you long for more? More from life? More from church? More to fill up the emptiness that nothing else has filled?


Ch Ahn

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Using analogies from popular science fiction movies,Close Encounters of the Divine Kind shows you a world that will satisfy these longings. A world that is more real than this physical world. A world with a real extraterrestrial who is waiting to be encountered.

Close Encounters of the Divine Kind by Ch Ahn is not about religion. It is about having a real encounter that will transform your life. So if you are searching for truth and meaning. If you want purpose in your life, read on, and may you too have an encounter with God, the ultimate extraterrestrial.

Welcome to the real world.

Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle Director, International House of Prayer, Kansas City. President, Forerunner School of Ministry
Close Encounters of the Divine kind captures the essence of my most desired experience as a human, and that is encountering and experiencing a loving and yet supernatural God.