God Secrets Workbook by Shawn Bolz


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God has countless thoughts towards you and those around you! It’s time to activate your Word of Knowledge Gift!

This biblically based workbook was designed to be an activity and discussion guide to help you to get the most out of Shawn Bolz’s book, God Secrets: A Life Filled with Words of Knowledge.

Take a journey with Shawn as he gives you practical wisdom and knowledge of how to make Words of Knowledge easily accessible to YOU! Start understanding and implementing Words of Knowledge in your daily life through powerful stories, engaging activations, and thought provoking questions. Track your progress and understanding with fun quizzes!

As an Individual or Group you will learn how to:

  • Place importance on intimacy with the Lord when going after words of knowledge
  • Understand the role of personal identity when giving words of knowledge
  • Develop a system of accountability with God Secrets Practice taking risks in daily life to culture a lifestyle of words of knowledge
  • Become a good receiver of God’s words Share words of knowledge in an impactful and purposeful way

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