Translating God Study Guide by Shawn Bolz


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About Translating God Study Guide

The Study Guide includes Shawn Bolz’s book Translating God book, an exciting workbook, and a DVD series. It is packed full of practical ways to make the prophetic a normal part of your daily life.

Shawn Bolz

Shawn Bolz

The kit includes:

  • 9 Teaching sessions on 3 DVD’s
  • 1 Translating God Book
  • 1 Translating God Workbook
  • 1 Translating God Poster
Cindy McGill
Cindy McGill Speaker, Founder Hope for the Harvest Ministries
As an evangelist to some of the most difficult places in our country and world, it’s of major importance for us to have such a resource at our fingertips to help us be more effective there. The prophetic will help us communicate not only the existence of God, but the truth that he desperately loves people. I highly recommend Shawn’s writings on the prophetic as a significant tool for today’s harvest.